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Our committment to knowing the proper installation methods required by the manufacturer means a lot. We spend hundreds of hours getting trained and have earned Master Craftsman status for many of the products we install. We can help you with the design and construction.

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Builtech on three Principles

Show up on Time

I offer Complimentary Consultations to help you transform your home into a showplace.

Stay with your project until completion

When choosing a contractor in any field, be sure to ask to see a copy of thier certificate of liability coverage. By doing this, you protect yourself and your home

A comprehensive warranty

We are fully insured and we can guarantee your satisfaction



We regularly carry out lots of exterior work to properties of all shapes and sizes, the most usual works include: - Block Paving - Fencing - Garden Maintenance - Driveways & Patios - Roofing (Loose Tiles etc) - Gates & Walls - Garden Clearances - Porches & Conservatories.

The exterior home improvement services available via this website include: 


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